Evergreen is unlike most other prosthetic and orthotic companies. Each one of our devices is custom-made at your clinic location, in our very own fabrication lab. Are you looking for something different or unique? Our team of specialists will work together to make sure your specific needs are met and you are 100% satisfied with your new device!


Each year in the United States, more than 156,000 people experience the loss of a limb. Infants born without a limb, traumatic or permanent injuries and more commonly diabetes, vascular disease, or cancer will result in an amputation. If you or a loved one finds yourself amongst this population, turn to Evergreen for compassionate care and clinical excellence.


We have served over 1,000 individuals with amputations over our 10 year history. Add that with our practitioner’s 100 years of combined field experience and there is not a problem we can’t solve. Evergreen takes pride in our custom craftsmanship to ensure a perfectly fitting prosthetic device for each individual we serve. We also work extremely hard to seek out and collaborate with only the best prosthetic componentry and technology companies from around the world. Evergreen is your go to support team throughout amputation and recovery, we would be honored to support you and your unique needs during this process.

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